​"The memoir’s most satisfying aspect is the artful way the author seamlessly combines the general and the particular, making her own life a microcosm of universally relevant human dramas."

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published in 2015/'16 – revised in 2018

US hippie–times

Excerpts from Socialism v. Santa, Yugoslav memories 

 Introduction to SvS                         Celebrity No. 1                                 &  Sljivovica!


A portrait of a time, and a gallery of engaging characters, stories, a system pervading their lives – told with a chuckle and a heart. 

    Also an era and locale comes alive through senses: taste and smell of  food, the rhythm of songs, humor. 
    Life under the socialist system, but also – traveling, studying abroad, different cultures, learning – a lifelong process. 
     In the US developing as a visual artist and an author.
Socialism v. Santa  –  rich content, intimate and universal through photos and drawings.

San Francisco . . .                                 'mind–blowing!'


A glimpse of the main celebrity in the country, Marshal Tito, while visiting a Zagreb Trade Fair in the early sixties:
    "Working for the De La Rue company from Great Britain, exhibiting their money-counting machines, we were honored by Marshal Tito and his wife, Jovanka Broz‘ visit to our site. When Tito watching the machine’s cylinders rifle through a wad of bills remarked, he had no need of that machine, he could count his money himself – everybody present laughed and relaxed. I imagine, as president he probably never had to handle money at all." 
Socialism v. Santa, © 2015/16