Once Upon Skates, 2009

​​​​​Animation  OUS < slides of the

originalOUS, + musical bckg. & Sanya's  "Apple"  song

OUS – a modern fairy tale,

models child self-confidence and 

resourcefulnessfor success

                        The "Wind Song" boys 

7” x 10”, full cover, strong, glossy stock, 28 pgs.

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Stars' Song  and  Dance  demo

                         Applewitches & Sanya

​​​​​ Trailer for Once Upon Skates

​​​Originally written and illustrated as a puppet play – Once Upon Skates Play.mov on Youtube– the book has more roles, one more scene  and a dance number (here a  "Dance-video"). The play was  performed in schools as a live  show without puppets. The book is strewn with photos and art, thus an  appealing, inspiring and a lasting resource.​ 


                         The cast & the author


 Sanya & the cast

–a NOVELTY Script  for a creative family activity and school performances (7-10 y).  
Fantasy, intrigue and magic mix in this  self-confidenceboosting, modern fairy-tale – unlike its remote cousin of Grimms’ renown.  Kids   learn acting upon a wish, as if it were already realized – a lesson for the young and the adults! 
      The play is 
engaging and fun, beloved by both ages.
OUS plot:  Sanya dreams of skating. Her wish is realized and frustrated in a dream by the vain Applewitch. Sanya in turn, plays with magic to outwit the Applewitch and retrieve her skates.