A NOVELTY Play-Script for a creative–family activity and school performances. 
   Fantasy, intrigue and magic mix in a child self-confidence building, modern fairy-tale, unlike its remote cousin of Grimms’ renown. Moreover, the play applies the psychological principle of wish fulfillment: acting on a wish, as if it were already realized! What a lesson for the young and old! 
    Written for ages 7-10, the play is dynamic, engaging and fun, beloved by kids and adults alike.  
     Sanya dreams of skating. Her wish is realized and frustrated in a dream by the vain Applewitch. Sanya in turn, tries her hand at scheming and magic to outwit the Applewitch and retrieve her skates.     
    Originally written and illustrated as a puppet play –Once Upon Skates Play.mov on Youtube–it has been expanded to more roles, an additional scene and a dance number (“Dance-video”, above) in the book. The play was performed in schools as a live show without puppets. The book is illustrated with a colorful mix of photos and art, making it an inspiring reading and a lasting resource.

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