Vlastartfusion  'fuses'

different media I worked in since I moved to US in 1970 – from  jewelry  to  masks  to  Painterly Mono-prints  –  in over three decades. 

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Applebite Works


This Really Happened, 2010

on several levels. Kids love the play Once Upon Skates & eat more apples! 


Once Upon Skates, a Play 2009

Power-tweet on Happiness (1.21.'17)

Fireworks trace the arc of happiness  –

     for a moment on the sky of life,

Feeling happy without a reason –

     illuminates within, outside all time. 

                                            V. Diamant


  Applebite Works 

Welcome to my new website​​ and this content map with categories:  BOOKS and Vlastartfusion. The three books were published since 2009 partially from collected writing in the 90s while teaching art. Since 2010 I worked exclusively on the memoir Socialism v. Santa.

Now in 2018 a revised version,  at $16.99 is out  

     Each of the following  book-pages introduces one of the books in words & videos (or a demo to perform a play). 

​​​​​​​​​Socialism v. Santa, 2015/16–revised in 2018